Covid-19 Statement
Our measures to keep you safe.

I am so pleased to be back at my stove doing what I love!

At Little Fish we have always prided ourselves on providing the very best experience we can for our guests and as we venture on into a world of greater care and consideration for each other we remain committed to doing just that.

We continue to follow the government's safety advice and in addition, are taking all necessary precautions with our own Health & Safety measures. You can be assured that the safety of our staff and guests visiting Little Fish is of the highest priority.

During the time that we were closed the restaurant has had a complete refit, returning customers will notice a huge change to the restaurant and it’s decor. I can’t wait to show you all. Thank you all for your continued support.

Kind regards

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Please note we are no longer accepting hand written gift vouchers as payment at The Little Fish Market.

We gave a 1 year grace period to all pre-Covid hand written gift vouchers that were issued and this period of time has now come to an end and they are now void.

Only digital gift vouchers will be accepted as payment from now on, providing the expiration date has not passed.

Many thanks and kind regards

Please be aware we offer a set menu for lunch and a tasting menu for dinner at The Little Fish Market and unfortunately do not offer a children's menu. However, children are of course welcome to come and dine at the restaurant and experience the menus.

Please read our booking policy before booking a table.

Please note, we are unable to offer a vegetarian or vegan menu. We are also unable to cater for some major allergies.

If you do have any allergies, please check with the restaurant before making a booking.

Whilst every effort will be taken, there will be no guarantee that a replacement dish/ingredient can be offered without prior notice.

Allergies & Dietary requirements

We open from Thursday to Saturday and have 1 seating time at lunch which is 1pm and 1 seating time per evening which is 6.45pm.

We kindly ask that you arrive on time for your reservation.

Unfortunately, we do not have a bar at the restaurant but you are welcome to arrive early and have a drink at your table. Regretfully we will not be able to commence your menu early.

Please, if possible, inform us at your earliest opportunity if you're going to be late.

Booking Policy

You will receive notification to confirm your table a day or two before you are due to dine with us. All tables must be confirmed otherwise they will be sold as we are only a small restaurant.

48 hours notice of cancellation is required otherwise you may be charged for the table.


Reserve your table:

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